One Hour+ to update to macOS Monterey

Starting at about 2:47PM, my M1 16GB, 512GB SSD, M1 MacBook Air pinged me to update. I grabbed some screen shots of the progress. Yes, this is another of my articles: why does it take over an hour to update macOS? (No fanboy replies).

About 35 minutes to download the 12.13GB update. I will keep asking: why are updates for macOS so large? If a Mac user was getting updates about 2 from Windows and then saw macOS is 12GB or 8GB…you’d all be screaming. But since it’s the other way around and you all just keep making excuses for Apple thus you all just accept this as OK. And maybe too if I had a 1GB Fiber Internet connection for home I wouldn’t have to waste 35+ minutes of my life waiting for just 12.13GB to download. But still not acceptable. Next up the screen shot of macOS asking me where I want to install this update. Why am I being asked where to install it? Answer: main partition, where the O/S is installed. DUH! Windows never asks this. Like what, I am going to install this update on a thumb drive?

That “About 57 minutes remaining”… actually took about 10 minutes to jump to the next screen. But it’s the next couple of screens — Re-boots that took the hour.. not really clear.

I love the black screen messages more of the “about x time remaining” and no mention that this will take 2–3 re boots. I don’t remember exactly because I got up and walked away cause I had some real work to do and went to my Windows Dell PC.

I did keep an eye on it, this above shot is from a second re-boot. And finally the image below, all done:

Whew, good thing I had a Windows PC on the table with me so I could complete some real work while this state of the art, fantastic, wonderful, epic, blow your mind M1 MacBook Air updated.

Anyways, take all this with a grain of salt. I still really like my M1 MacBook Air, and these torture of updates are worth it in the long run. Just make sure you have a meeting to attend, lunch, dinner or a PC to get some real work completed. :-)

PS: My about 7 year old Dell Optiplex 5050 Desktop with 16GB ram, 512GB SSD, and a i5 cpu completed it’s Windows 10 Patch Tuesday with ONE re boot in under 10 min. Actually in 7 min. SEVEN MINUTES! I will take that once a month, 12 times a year over the hour + of macOS.

It’s a tank in today’s world, but seven minutes once a month……

(No moronic fanboy replies, I will just delete and block you)



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Robert Doyle

Robert Doyle

Spending a career in the I.T. industry supporting Microsoft products. Now moving into the Apple sphere. Also enjoying John Deere products and working outside