My Migration to a M1 MacBook Air II

Part II of my migration to the M1 MacBook Air. My model is 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and 8 core CPU/GPU.

Hello, I am a career long supporter and user of Microsoft products from the desktop to the sever side to Asset Management to Project Management.

This past week I started using a new M1 MacBook Air. It’s nice, many pros. The cons, well as in life much easier to point out.

My cons:
There is no simple snippet app like in Windows 10. Yes, I know there is built in app: Screenshot. But it is NO where near as nice to copy and paste your snippet like you can in Windows 10.

To minimize all windows on Windows 10: Windows Key + M. In macOS: Option + Command + H + M. WTF????????????

*Safari is not usable in today’s web world. I have tried 3 Ad Blocker extensions, none actually block ads. And the extensions install as an app(?).
*Safari: you cannot right click on the back arrow key and select a web page to jump back to. I think Netscape even had this function.
*Safari: The Bookmarks management is very strange, basic when compared to the new Edge and Chrome.
*Safari is like using IE7, it just lacks so much compared to the new Edge, Chrome and FireFox. Who uses Safari on a daily basis?

macOS: When you click the top left red circle, that actually doesn’t quit that window or app. It just minimizes it. WTH? So, you have to keep track of the Dock and the little black dot below the apps.macOS: Installing an app: I have to drag an icon to the right into the Applications Folder???? WTH?


Hardware — great quality. The display is nice. The syncing between the Mac and my iPhone is very cool, very useful.

Trackpad: very nice overall. Smooth and the various functions built in. No mouse competes.

Photos: Why can’t I simply right click and Copy and then Paste that photo where I want???? Not being able to do this adds a ½ dozen extra steps.

I have more Mac oddities. I just don’t get so many of these when compared to Windows 10 to some simple tasks macOS makes you do an extra 3–6 steps. I simply don’t get it. How do I simply pin a website to the Dock?

For all the hype about Macs and macOS vs Windows 10, there are for sure pros/cons for both OS. But for macOS there are so many glaring issues I simply don’t get it. I am sure glad my iPhone with iOS is much more user friendly, intuitive to use.

I will as time goes on this week I will add a Part III for this. Please take this in a tone of having some fun and humor with all this please. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this Mac and overall macOS, I am just shocked in how in over a decade macOS still lags with various basic functions to Windows 10.

Leave me a comment and follow me. I would love to hear from you.



PS: I tried multiple times to add the photo at the start of this article. Why does Medium crop it? I took the photo with my iPhone in portrait mode. Also with typing this article in Medium’s editor, why does a Return give you double spaces?




Spending a career in the I.T. industry supporting Microsoft products. Now moving into the Apple sphere. Also enjoying John Deere products and working outside

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Robert Doyle

Robert Doyle

Spending a career in the I.T. industry supporting Microsoft products. Now moving into the Apple sphere. Also enjoying John Deere products and working outside

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